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  • September 4, 2010


    In order to access your control panel, please click here

    You use your admin user name as well as your admin password.

    this is where you acess the entire domain. you can change your look of the admin features, your mail, create your email addresses, configure your spam options, set up new email aliases,

    You may access your website files (these need to be uploaded into the "public_html" directory. edit your files, check on your usage,

    You can see who has been accessing yoru sites, and log information, configure security

    You can do advanced things as well but if you are concerned at all please have us do this.

    You can access our cgi scripts, enable php, create manage your mysql, you may create a shopping cart, blog, or bbs

    This is a full feature web site now and please feel free to play and see what makes yoru site look the best.


    In order to access your webmail please click here.

    You need to use your full email address and password to access this page.

    In your webmail you may:

    • read your email, (in horde you need to click on login)
    • Change your Password
    • Forwarding Options
    • Auto Responders
    • Configure Mail Client
    • BoxTrapper
    • Email Delivery Route
    • Email Filtering

    Email settings

    You should use your full email address as your username and your password. pop is mail.yourdomainname.com smtp is mail.yourdomainname.com

    If your ISP doesn not allow you to send out email you need to use your ISP's settings.

    If you still have any questions please email us:


    Thanks again
    Web Alaska
    Don't forget to explain what the error message is and what you did in order to get the error so we can duplicate it.