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Web Alaska & Compu Doc Resume for Mark Chryson

Education - Training

Bachelor of Science - Northern Michigan University
Biology, Chemistry/Physics, Conservation, magna cum laude

Dresser Magcobar (3rd largest Oil Services Corp. in the world)
Mud School - Second in Class

Alyeska Pipeline Service Company - Specialized Pipeline Training

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) training - State of Colorado

First Aid/CPR - U.S. Red Cross

Obtained an Asbestos Abatement Certificate (#5673) - State of Alaska

Brainbench.com Certifications

Web Alaska & Compu Doc Brainbench Master Certificate for Windows 95 Power User

Computer Employment History

Computer Support
15 Years - Self Employed
Based in Wasilla, Alaska

I worked as a software analyst and provided troubleshooting support for; MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP operating systems. I performed the installation and upgrades of hardware; motherboards, modems, ports, hard drives, memory chips, video cards and other peripherals. I provided technical support for internet and various other related software applications. I primarily solved problems by phone when possible, but provided extensive on-site and in-shop services where required. I also instructed clients on the art of utilizing software more efficiently through hands-on training.

I served as the webmaster for a weekly on-line newspaper for 6 months until I had sufficiently trained staff to take over those responsibilities. During this term of self employment I was also the webmaster for at least 50 sites. I have personally designed in excess of 10,000 web pages. I was (and still am) the web server administrator responsible for maintaining over 100 sites consecutively while simultaneously providing a wide range of hypertext markup language (html) instruction. I became well trained in the administration of web servers for Java, Apache and Cobalt based servers.

I supervised other web designers, editing their designs to insure proper coding, cohesiveness and accuracy.

I proficiently performed computer repair in 6 states, 3 provinces and 1 territory.

I was the systems operator for South-Central Alaska's largest Excalibur BBS (windows-based). I provided hardware and software configuration, and ongoing troubleshooting services, to a wide range of clients. All software was learned by hands-on training. I designed all the operator screens for use on my own system, and, others systems world-wide. My system is now off line.

I provided PC support as needed.

Computer Support/ Production Coordinator

Four Years - Anchorage, Alaska

I was the assistant network administrator with general computer support. Some of my duties were; performing hardware installations and upgrades, software installations and troubleshooting, network systems setup and wiring, hardware/software diagnostics and fine tuning. My experience with software includes; Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Office, Graphic Translations, WordPerfect, Internet (all aspects). I designed all the pages for intra-net usage through web browser viewing. I created an inventory and resource map for all the computers and printers.

I served as a production supervisor, responsible for the overseeing and production of report production and coordination to insure timely delivery by using high speed copiers/printers such as; Canon CLC 350, 6650, 55F and 8530s as well as HP laser jets. I was responsible for maintaining cost and charge records of all copiers.

I maintained equipment records and check out procedures. I was responsible for revamping both checkout and return procedures. I created an efficient database of equipment and spread sheet reports. I kept accurate billing records for all checked out equipment. In addtion, I occasionally was permitted to escape the stress of my duties by performing general warehouse duties.